Be there.

Published July 25, 2017 by ashleyhannelore

And when it all comes crashing down

At 3:30 in the morning

Because my subconscious mind

Decided to remind me

Of that night years ago,

I just ask that you be there.

Be there to hold me, and to understand

When I ask not to be touched.

Be there to let me cry in your presence

Just so I don’t feel so alone.

Be there to reassure

My newfound safety.

Be there.

But please, if you can’t handle my

Waking up crying, screaming, or shaking

With pure confidence

That it won’t grow old

Then leave.

Because when it’s 3:30 in the morning

And the dark is too much to bear,

I need my constant.

I’ll need that one thing in my fragile life

That I know I can always hold onto.

I don’t know if I can continue

To get so invested, just to be hurt

Again and again.

So either promise me you’ll be there,

Or let me go.


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