She Died For Beauty

Published May 20, 2013 by ashleyhannelore

They say beauty is skin deep
I thought maybe I could find it with the razor
It could pour out on me and make me lovely
But all I was finding was danger

Maybe it’s even deeper
I’d whisper to myself quietly
If I just try a bit harder
Then I will finally please society

The scars slowly filled the room on my arms
But I was more beautiful each day
As it seeped out, the truth was revealed
This wasn’t the game I was supposed to play

The next level of beauty was death
A brutal overdose of scars and pills
Leaving me unconscious in a pile of tears
As the medicine gave me quite the thrill

A second nature, this is my purpose
Live simply to play the game of death
All for the sake of what we call beauty
You’ll quickly breathe your last breath


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