Untitled, like most of my stuff. OPINIONS PLEASSSEEE.

Published April 24, 2013 by ashleyhannelore

     The words, they hurt. The stares and the glares, they show no care. We own the right to live a normal life without the fear of getting bullied.
     Each and every day, each and every student, running through the halls, don’t wanna be called stupid. Don’t wanna be diluted.
     Wake up just to feel the pain of the blade that runs across their vein. The blood stains on white sleeves. Only surviving if they truly believe. But who can believe in love, when you live in a world of hate? “This is my fate” on this very date.
     They pull the trigger.
     But wait, we were best friends. This isn’t where it ends. They were amazing at everything they did. But we wanted to get rid of that human life. So we led her to the knife.
     But if within your lies of compliments is underlying truth, next time you’ll soothe the pain instead of causing them to die.


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