Ranting Time.

Published April 12, 2013 by ashleyhannelore

This post won’t be any amazing, creative poem, or story, but that’s okay. This is more of a rant, I suppose.

I am a Senior in high school. No, I am not popular. No I am not into sports. I have few friends here at school. And again, no, I am not looking for pity. During lunch each day, I sit wtih one other person due to my other friends having other lunch times. As you can see, while she is gone, I will sit by myself. Today is one of those days. I am sitting by myself at the long, rectangular lunch table. Two extremely popular girls with two of their guy friends are just a couple seats away from me. Looking around awkwardly, I’m just praying I’ll be done eating soon so I can stand up, and walk away. As I stuff my trash inside my brown paper sack, Bailey, one of the girls, asks me if I want to sit with them. Although this is a very nice gesture, I explain how I have to go to the library. She understands.

Now, to my rant.

These girls are wonderful students, wonderful people don’t get me wrong. However, the only reason I was asked to sit with them, was
A. I was alone
B. They know me and are comfortable around me.
Why is it that if there was a complete stranger sitting in my place, they wouldn’t have done the same? Why is it that not only them, but everyone, myself included are just like that?



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