Published January 22, 2013 by ashleyhannelore

I just can’t seem to comprehend the brain capacity of teenage boys.

Skylar Baker, Cainen McGinnis, and their 2 friends disgust me.

I’m sitting at lunch with Cameron, minding my own business, when I notice that Cameron is kind of staring into the distance. I keep talking, as if it’s nothing; something just simply caught his eye. After seeing that he doesn’t look back to me, I wonder what is going on. I look behind me to the group of four boys laughing as hard as they can, and a special needs boy in a panic. When I ask Cameron what has happened, he informs me that this group of four boys has stolen and hidden the special needs boy’s box of chocolate. You see, they sell chocolate for a band fundraiser, therefore if he loses his box, his family has to pay for the whole thing. The group of boys is still laughing. This special needs boy goes to Mr. Sharpstein and is telling him what happened. Mr. Sharpstein comes over to talk to the boys about the situation, as they deny the entire thing. This frantic, special needs boy is saying “You took it, yes you did!” Throughout the last few minutes of lunch, the group of boys does not crack. They still look “innocent.” However, I know what happened; I just wish I had the ability to speak up for others and myself. It thoroughly disgusts me that someone could be that mean. That was seriously horrible, and they deserve a taste of their own medicine.


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