Published January 4, 2013 by ashleyhannelore

And one day, I will not have to rely on self-mutilation just to be happy. I will not have to expose scars up and down my slim left arm just to watch blood trickle down like a broken pearl necklace. One day, I will not feel the equivalent to open gashes on a small girl’s body. One day, I won’t have to hide my arms in sleeves, or keep them pressed against my body just so that they don’t show. One day, I will be able to prance around in a tank top, free to say, “I have overcome cutting.”


4 comments on “Issues

  • This breaks my heart. Please stop. There are other outlets. I understand the lure and that simply stopping is easier said than done. But YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE. Treat yourself better. Love yourself more. From what I have read in less than 5 minutes I can already tell that you are a beautiful soul. This is a very cruel world, even harder for the sensitive people. But if we let ourselves be pushed down-and worse, push ourselves down- how will this place ever begin to heal?

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