Trees Have Powers

Published January 2, 2013 by ashleyhannelore

Sometimes I just wonder what it would have been like, in completely different life. Maybe as a human, maybe as a spider, a cat, a flower, or a tree. Sometimes I believe in trees more than I believe in humans. Trees are probably the most beautiful things that live on this planet. Huge. Wonderful colors. From green, a dark mysterious green, to yellow. An innocent little yellow, to red. Worn and torn, beaten down, red. Trees overpower us. Always there, always standing tall, offering protection. Protection from the people of the land, and protection from the rain and heat of the sky. As the colors change, you almost see.. stages of life. Green, directly from the womb. Naive. Yellow, learning as it goes, yet still innocent. Red, knowledgable, broken, destroyed. But soon after they leave us, they start right over. They start on, a new leaf, if you will.  Leaves don’t wallow in their misery. They try, try, and try again. I almost believe in trees more than I believe in humans. Trees, and their leaves, give me hope. Hope for a better future.


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