Published January 2, 2013 by ashleyhannelore

On the days that you feel as if you are at your absolute low, go and do something worthwhile. There is truly no better solution for depression than to do something for somebody else. Have you ever given gifts at Christmas? On birthdays? Have you ever volunteered? Or simple helped someone with a chore? Things like this are what makes the world go round. (Cliche huh? ;)) But on a serious note, I am one to have “absolute low moments” every single day. I mope, I complain, I tend to feel horrible about myself, and I resort to self-mutilation. What I’ve learned is:

Simply go into a quiet place, and meditate. Tap into the five senses by stating to yourself what you smell, see, taste, feel, and hear. Next, leave the room, and participate in a random act of kindness.

By doing these things, you release sadness and the desire for scars, suicide, and substances, they disappear. So next time you feel as if you just aren’t worth it, focus on someone else’s need, and meet it.


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